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Management consulting refers assisting to organisations in improving their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organisational problems and development of plans for improvement. Organisations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants’ specialised expertise. As a result of their exposure to and relationships with numerous organisations, AMJC team is aware of industry “best practices”, however transferability of such practices from one organisation to another may be limited by the specific nature of situation under consideration.
The Integrated Management Consultancy approach addresses all aspects of the Company’s operations such as strategic planning, business planning, feasibility assessment, account outsourcing, compliance outsourcing and Transactional Services.

Business Advisory
Business Planning
The business plan is a vital tool for running and growing a business. A well prepared and credible business plan is helpful to raise venture capital for a new business, additional equity funding or loan capital for an ongoing enterprise or even trade credit. We can help you develop business plans that will demonstrate your business potential and stand the scrutiny of your targeted audience. We add value to the process of preparation of business plans through an interactive approach that involves our clients and facilitates an evaluation of the existing or intended position of the business and the environment in which it operates. Such an approach enables the business to develop a range of strategic options designed to achieve its objectives.
We place special emphasis on strategic review, marketing, and operational aspects in the preparation of business plan

Business valuation
A professional appraisal requires the knowledge of the appraisal process, which includes understanding value theory and the proper application of accepted approaches, methods and procedures. While the conceptual principles are the same for companies of different sizes, the manner in which these principles are applied varies greatly. Similarly, the purpose of the valuation may influence methods, standards of value and other factors. We provide unbiased opinions of value that are grounded in well-reasoned and supportable assumptions.

Comparative analysis of Financial reports
Comparative financial reports are the statement which compares financial data from different periods of time. The comparative statement lines up a section of the income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statement with its corresponding section from a previous period. It can also be used to compare financial data from different companies over time, thus revealing the trend in the financials. We as professionals can help you in analysing your comparative statements to find out the variances between the comparative periods and can set the trend. Such an analysis to a fine extent reveals the trend and growth story of the organisation

Compliance Outsourcing
Despite the evolving business landscape, today’s key drivers for compliance outsourcing aren’t so different – the imperatives to manage risk and reduce cost remain constant.
The trends moving businesses towards shared service centres, with ever larger scale and breadth of services, are also making outsourcing an increasingly attractive option for many companies.
Outsourcing can: Create assurance through improved data management, ensuring data integrity and accuracy; Reduce the risk inherent in compliance and reporting processes; Provide your organisation with more timely and transparent reporting, without excessive reliance on manual effort Improve overall efficiency through automation and systematisation of routine and repetitive tasks; and Give your tax professionals the time to focus on adding value, rather than on mundane manual tasks.

Feasibility Assessment
Whether you are intending to start a new business or you are already operating a business and are looking at avenues for growth or change in your business operations, a feasibility assessment will help you to assess the merit of a proposed idea and its alternatives. We have years of experience in assisting companies and individuals in assessing the operational and financial feasibility of projects.
Before embarking on a new business opportunity there are several questions to resolve and various uncertainties to eliminate. In our feasibility assessment studies, we go beyond the traditional approach and help you to assess the business opportunity; addressing issues such as how attractive are the market and industry, whether the opportunity offers sustainable advantages over competitive products addressing customer needs, and whether capabilities to deliver are available or attainable in the given situation.

Corporate Restructuring Consultancy
In a atmosphere of liberalized economy and acute Competitiveness, it is very much necessary to initiate actions so that cost of production is brought down. It may be through introduction of efficiencies in various stages of operations of units. Our firm has got rich experience in restructuring the total working of the small, medium and large units. Restructuring may involve restructuring of:
• Production Operations
• Administration
• Finance
• Accounts

Process reviews and Standard operating procedures
AMJC can provide comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOPs) according to client specifications, Industry standards, various Regulations etc. SOPs can be developed in the various areas like production, Quality testing, Payroll processing and many other areas. Our SOP development process involves the preparation of a development plan, which is agreed with the client prior to initiating interviews with key staff and the development of process maps. SOP to the great extent helps the organisation to get rid of repetitive thought process and achieve greater efficiency.

Valuation and Modelling
The intent is not just to get an improved measure of earnings, but also to get a better sense of how to manage the investments. We are a leading provider of business and intangible asset valuation services. We aim at bringing understanding and lucidity to the valuation process of intangible assets.

Financial Modelling
We help businesses and professionals formulate the business models based on our experience in domestic and international markets. We cover wide range of service areas spanning from financial bidding process assistance, costing analysis and strategic decision making. We believe in assisting our clients in making well informed decisions. We aim at being an exemplary and the best in the industry financial modelling firm.
Areas covered:
• Financial Forecast & CMA Data for submission to Banks/Financial Institutions
• For transactions, strategic alliances and joint ventures
• For assisting in financial bidding process
• Price-fixation and Costing

Project Finance
AMJC is actively involved in the area of project financing. AMJC has provided fund raising services to various clients involved in different types of industries like software industry, plastic & packaging industry, engineering industry, dealers & distributors, chemical industry, paper industry, textile industry etc. The services under this area include the following.
• Understanding of company background, various procedures, existing financial, marketing and industry scenario.
• Gathering industry and competitor’s details and analysis.
• Preparation of rough draft of the project report based on the interaction with concerned personnel of the company and information gathered.
• Discussion with the personnel of the company and prepares final report.
• Preparation of detailed project report which includes background of company, detailing of Business areas in which company is actively involved, listing of the process & systems flow charts for the operations of the client, listing of infrastructure facilities available, listing of various prominent customers, detailed industry & competitive analysis, brief description of promoters & key managerial personnel, SWOT analysis etc.
• Analysis of past financial statements from the angle of funding possibilities.
• Preparation of projected financial statements with detailed assumptions, after taking care of ratios from the angle of the funding agencies.
• Submission of final project report to the financial institutions.
• Solving various queries raised by financial institutions and submitting various documents required by them.
• Coordinating with Banks/Financial institutions for sanction, documentation and disbursement of loans. At AMJC, we have a specialized team consisting of C.A.s’ who prepare above data with the project report and communicate with various financial institutions.

Corporate Finance
AMJC has been instrumental in back office management & Co-ordination of various Agencies for IPO purpose for various clients. AMJCs services under this area include preparation of Prospectus, Updating of company law records, procedure with RBI, SEBI, ROC, Stock Exchange etc., more particularly described hereunder.
• Advising & Assisting the clients in selection of: Lead Manager / Merchant Banker / Investment Banker Registrar to the Issue Banker to the Issue Underwriters to the Issue Brokers to the Issue Printers and Advertisers etc
• Designing of detailed action plan for Public Issue / Offer of Securities.
• Preparation of draft prospectus and various other Documents such as agreement with various parties, investor’s agreements, Joint Venture agreements, MOU’s etc • Preparation of project & feasibility report.
• Coordinating with SEBI on behalf of the issuer Company, Preparation of all necessary papers, statements, undertaking / certificates of Chartered Accountant & Company secretaries etc. preparation of answers to the observation of SEBI and filing them with SEBI. Incorporation of SEBI’s observations in draft Prospectus.
• Coordination with ROC (Registrar of Companies ) for filing of drafts Prospectus
• Advising the Issuer Company about the Selection of Brokers, Co-ordinations with Brokers selected by the Issuer Company for marketing efforts.
• Formulation of the advertising campaign for the Public Issue, Co-ordination with the advertising agency in consultation with the lead manager and Issuer Company.
• Advising the issuer company in consultation with lead manager about the date of opening & closing of public offer of equity (equity issue).
• Assisting the Issuer Company in finalising the allotment through close co-ordination with the Registrar of stock exchange.
• To carry out formalities for listing of the securities on various Stock exchanges.
• Assisting the Issuer Company for completing the necessary formalities with NSDL /CDSL for DEMATERIALISATION of shares.
• Obtaining necessary permissions and approvals wherever necessary from RBI under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999)
• Coordinating with various Credit Rating Agencies in case of offer off Debentures / fixed charge carrying securities.
• Designing Employee Stock Option Scheme.

Transaction Advisory
Strategy to execution for every capital decision
How organizations manage their capital today will define their competitive position tomorrow. We help create social and economic value for our clients by helping them make more informed decisions about strategically managing capital and transactions.
We advise on strategies to raise, invest, optimize and preserve capital. Our teams bring together transaction professionals across functional areas, sectors and geographies to evaluate your Capital Agenda. Our goal is to help you achieve your best capital performance, deliver value to your stakeholders and meet your strategic corporate objectives.

ERP Management
ERP Application Management Outsourcing Services (AMS) are processes and methodologies for maintaining, enhancing and managing enterprise ERP environments. AMS include development, implementation, integration, testing, maintenance and support (functional and technical), and help desk services. It also includes application monitoring, as well as back-up and recovery of applications and interfaces.

Mergers and Acquisitions
AMJC offers deep transaction expertise and specialist knowledge in a variety of key industry sectors specialization - combined with an extensive network of relationships among funds and private equity players. Our services include: Merger and demerger strategy, Business acquisition and divestment advisory, Advice on capital structuring fund raising or buyback and repatriations, Capital market advisory including matters concerning listing, delisting, IPOs, rights issue and takeovers.